Why Organizational Leadership Training Should Create Visionary Leaders

Organizational leadership training courses should help leaders create statements of vision, convincingly communicate their missions and connect visionary leadership strategies to their daily practice of leading others. Business leadership training and executive management training programs which empower leaders and give them tools, techniques and principles for presenting the vitality and […]

How to Embrace the Leadership Takeover? Improving Management Performance

Management took roots on the 20th century evolution of business as decentralized enterprises grow. Expansion could only be made possible by the coming of a new organization model, in which the regional control fell to a specialized contingency of employers. These workers took the local reigns for the corporate heads […]

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching, What's the Difference?

Although the coaching profession is relatively young, there is some confusion regarding the various disciples. Until today there are no universally accepted definitions. When you search for a coach using the Referral Service of the International Coach Federation, the world’;s leading coaching organization, you can choose from the following categories: […]

5 Lessons That We Can Learn From Herb Kelleher About Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Herb Kelleher is the co-founder of South West Airlines. From its inception and first flight in 1971 Herb has put his personal stamp and values ​​on the company to make it one of the most respected airlines in the world. Here are five lessons that we can learn from the […]

True Leaders Have Clear Cut Goals

Effective leadership requires someone to have a reason for wanting to be a leader, with goals that he believes are necessary to achieve. All great leaders begin with an essential vision, that then permits them to set clear cut goals. Without this vision, an individual will tend to flounder and […]

What A Leader Does Has Ramifications

Everything a leader does, or fails to do, has a significant impact on the future of its organization. All groups are continuously evolving, and their needs must be addressed on an ongoing, regular and timely basis. Leadership must never be merely ceremonial, but rather must be clearly defined and constantly […]

Creative Intelligence Styles – Why Their Differences Matter

There are four styles of creative intelligence thinkers and understanding what they are and how they work helps you hone your skillset. Most do not understand the four styles and why they’;re important to their personality or to their mental models. I’;m not saying this because I’;m the guru but […]

How to Lead a Worship Team in Your Church

Learning how to lead a worship band is one of the more challenging parts of being a praise and worship leader. Your congration and Pastor may see you up there every Sunday singing, playing and hopefully being an inspirational praise and worship leader, but this is only a small part […]

5 Examples Of Leading By Example

Leadership, by example, is what it truly means, to be true, meaningful, effective, relevant leader! Many individuals seek positions, but few make the necessary, longer – term, inspirational, motivational, connection! Perhaps, this is due to some particular obstacle or obstacles, but, quite often, it is because, while it takes a […]

Personality Type – Idealist – A World of Possibilities and Potential

Idealists are passionate about personal growth and discovering their best possible self, but they do not stop there. Genuine and benevolent, a person with this temperament wants to help others find their way in life. They believe that friendly cooperation is the best way to achieve one’;s goals, and have […]