Empathy, Leadership and Oil – BP’s Tony Hayward and Emotional (Un)Intelligence

There is a gaping hole in the Gulf of Mexico that needs to be plugged immediately. I’m speaking of course, of the hole in Tony Hayward’s heart. The BP CEO’s recent comment that he’d “like his life back” is emblematic of a larger concern among leaders of all stripes; empathy […]

Is Your Group As Effective As It Should Be?: Strategic And Action Planning

In today’s ever – changing, world, we are witnessing situations where many organizations (some, long – lasting, ages – old), appear to be, losing their relevance, and, thus, no longer attracting, either the membership numbers, nor the revenues, needed to remain sustainable. There is no, one – size – fits […]

How Do You Know, If You’re Effectively, LEADING?

Every year, thousands, either, are elected, selected, and/ or, ascend to positions of leadership. However, in my, over four decades of involvement, in nearly every aspect of leading, and leadership planning, from identifying, qualifying, training, developing, and consulting to thousands of actual and/ or potential leaders, to personally, served, as […]

Primary School Education Mentorship – A Special Intervention for Excellence

From early childhood education children transition to The primary school education. This transition is managed by parents and guardians who are not always fully equipped with knowledge in human development concepts. For some, it is sufficient to find a primary school. There is no attempt to link the early childhood […]

The Edge Walkers and Resonance

Come to the Edge “Come to the edge. We might fall. Come to the edge. It’s too high! COME TO THE EDGE! And they came, And he pushed, And they flew.” – Christopher Logue I’ve learned over the years that my most effective executive coaching leadership clients know the “why” […]

Ten Ways Leaders Overcome Analysis Paralysis

One of the biggest challenges leaders have is to ensure that preparation and analysis add real value and provide the framework for action. The biggest enemy to action is analysis paralysis. One of the most difficult habits to break is the habit of continuing to create and analyze choices long […]

How To Become A Great Company

The most profitable organizations are not necessarily the best. Exceeding your annual financial projections does not mean that employees and customers perceive you as a great company. If you are the #1 profit generator in your industry, you as the business owner or CEO have achieved great accomplishment. But can […]

The Enneagram For Corporate Consulting

Corporations are complex systems; like individual human beings they have strengths, weaknesses, preferences and strategies. Managing change in corporations means influencing both the whole system and the individuals who comprise it. The Enneagram provides an invaluable tool for recognizing patterns of thought and behaviour in individuals and in the corporation […]

The Definition of Integrity Personifies Leadership

The definition of integrity personifies the main characteristic of a leader. Too often in our society, people rise to a position of power and importance for which they are ill-suited. You see this occur in all walks of life – in the business world, in politics, and in our everyday […]

Consultants: Do You Believe In Your Value? 4 Keys

While organizations, should seek the best possible leadership, and the utmost involvement, from their leaders, and stakeholders, there are often times, when a particular project, activity, etc, necessitates, or indicates, using a qualified consultant! However, it’s important to remember, all consultants are not created equal, nor possess the same skills, […]