Do You Have The FLARE To Be A Leader?

One of the greatest challenges, in our continuous quest, to identify those individuals, with the best opportunities, etc, to be a quality leader, is that leadership is not only a science, but also a certain, involved, art! In my, over 4 decades of involvation in almost every aspect of leadership, […]

How to Appreciate Your Strengths

Each and every individual in this world is unique and different from others in his / her own way. Each one of us possesses distinct talents and our strengths and weaknesses out of others. Just think of all the different athletes participating in the Olympics or other games; each sportsperson […]

To Analyze Is to Strategise! Move Forward by Understanding What the Competition Is Up to

It amazes me how disorganized some companies are, yet they still manage to keep their head above water. Those that engage with a mentor, business coach or such like then gain clarity of direction and whatever the set benchmark, production / sales / profits improve exponentially. Fighting the internal battle […]

Differentiation-Based Leadership – Three Questions That Every Leader Must Ask

The more competition you face, the greater the need to highlight the differentiation – the unique advantage of your product or service – in order to succeed in the marketplace. Differentiation-based leadership places the onus of grasping, defining and communicating that differentiation on the shoulders of the leader, and extends […]

The FLIGHT Of Effective Leadership

Although, it is consistently true, effective individuals seek to soar, like an eagle, it is, sometimes, truest, when it comes to meaningful leadership. For this reason, and several others, we refer to the necessary, FLIGHT of quality leaders, and how proceeding, with paying keen attention, to these details, someone optimizes […]

Servent Leadership: A Leader's Relationships

A leader’;s first task is not to keep the machinery moving but to help those under his charge to live and serve. Although 1 Timothy was an authoritative utterance to be implicitely obeyed, it was characterized by the graceful empowerment and loving freedom which would have been expected in a […]

Leadership Prep

So you want to be a leader? Or you want to be a better leader? It can be done, you know. No matter where you are in your leadership journey, you CAN move forward. You CAN lead better. You CAN lead more people. You CAN lead your organization to higher […]

LESSONS Leaders Learn

There is no such thing, as a born – leader, even though, some individuals, often, seem to believe, they are entitled, to, automatically become one! Effectively leading, means, being one of the rare individuals, who is ready, willing, and able, to care deeply, perceive and conceive of what is needed, […]

Leadership Program

Great leaders and visionaries are at the core of any organization. They are critical factors, who provide direction and impetus to the growth of an institution. In fact, great leaders are at the heart of any organization. They are the people who drive the organization to success and lead their […]

Self Describing Skills – Key Strengths

You need to be the best you can at describing your best qualities; particularly your key strengths. In my coaching practice I generally, at some point, ask my client: “What are you good at?” purely as a means to establish if they have already thought through this most important question. […]